How good are the 2021 Mariners?

When looking into the 2021 crystal ball, I came across the Seattle Mariners offense. Some projections often surprise me. From a far, one might think this is a young rebuilding team with some exciting talent on the rise. I believe this is the worst offense in baseball.

Seattle Mariners (U.S.)

The projections indicate a below average performer at every position except Haniger (who is average in the projection) and missed the entire season last year. Notice that the higher WAR totals reflect defense not offense. OFF is the batting side of the WAR calculation, which in this case reflects everyone (but Haniger) is worse than a replacement player! It is also shown in the wOBA. The average should .325 or so, and here we find no one. Again, wRC+ (average is 100) sees Haniger at the average with no one else! This will be a rough ride for SEA in 2021. It also shows how far away they really are.

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