The Betting and Preview

The purpose of this guide and preview is assist your baseball knowledge for the 2021 season. It is laid out and formatted for those who wager on baseball but will also apply to those that are just fans of the game. I hope that by the time you have read through the articles, strategies, team previews, etc. that you will use this as a resource for the season and will have learned a little about baseball through a Sabermetric view of the sport. A daily fantasy player might find some value in here as well. It will not be nor is it intended to be a draft guide for fantasy. This guide is all about wagering and evaluating teams and matchups as to provide an edge to the bettor. It never hurts to put yourself in a spot where you can make some money!

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I am an experienced sports gambler who allows access to my strategies, analysis, and data. Some of what I do is FREE for all, yet others will pay a small amount to access everything. I utilize the website ( and a Telegram page to provide my thoughts, data, and picks.

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