Spring Training Pitching Velocity Changes thus far

Some pitchers have thrown once, others a couple of times, so we are now getting velocity reports. Although you can find the velocity of just about anyone; I am only highlighting some of the ones with changes. Their velocity can go up or down. If they go up, this is a good sign for the pitcher, and if they go down, then it is a bad sign. These will change more as pitchers ramp up for the season throwing more pitches in a game. I will update the list later to see what changes will carry into the season. If there is more velocity for the listed pitcher, pay close attention. He will be better than expected, thus should be a valuable asset in the opening weeks to our wagering plan. The vice versa is also true, if the pitcher losses velocity, he will be a go against type gut for the opening week and we can get value there too.


So far, BAL Felix Hernandez is in major trouble losing 4.6 mph and well in the danger zone. He is the most velocity lost pitcher. WSH Max Scherzer needs to be watched very carefully. He has lost 3.7 mph. His next few spring starts are worth watching. LAA Shohei Ohtani leads the list in gaining velocity at 4.2 mph. A good sign for him and the Angels. DET Julio Teheran is 2nd on the gaining list. It could be he has found something and can DET some solid innings. He should be watched to see if it continues.

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