Season Win Wagers

As the market continues to move, the season wins total lines are moving around too. I have seen some of the books go to a season win percentage as well instead of season win totals. It is important to know what you are wagering as well. This market is not for the person who wants a quick turn around. The bets pay off roughly 6 or 7 months after you make them! Anyway, There are still a few I like so I will list them.

Boston Red Sox Las Vegas odds 80.5 Play OVER

Chicago White Sox Las Vegas odds 91.5 Play UNDER

*Kansas City Royals Las Vegas odds 72.5 Play OVER

Oakland A’s Las Vegas odds 87.5 Play UNDER

Atlanta Braves Las Vegas odds 91 Play UNDER

*St. Louis Cardinals Las Vegas odds 85 Play UNDER

*= Favorite plays

The NL Central will be won by a team at or around .500 and I have MIL as the best team in the division. STL is the largest Vegas line. This is an appealing situation! The BOS Red Sox are the 9th best offense in MLB over 2019-2020. Their issue was pitching in 2020. They have their manager back, and their #1 pitcher Rodriguez. They also signed Garret Richards. I expect this team to be way more competitive this season. The KC Royals are a team that made some intriguing off-season moves plus they have solid young starters. This is a team on the rise. OAK may not be the best team in the AL West! I do not like HOU either. I like LAA and their win total is 83.5 which means OAK should be in that same area. The CHW are a hype machine! They have not done anything yet, and everyone thinks they are the 2nd best team in the AL. The NL East is a division where all the teams will beat each other up. ATL is the outlier high so they become an Under wager.

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