Well, I must say that the lines are pretty good. If you play where the variances are, you’ll have more winners than losers. I trait I should be going for! Still, cold start running!

NOTES: The largest variance is TB over TEX. I tend to omit the largest variance and work down from there. The concept is that my model just might be off somewhere so avoid it. Yet, it is worth noting the Bookmakers still value TB like a power and they are not the same team as the one winning the AL last season. Should come into play in other series.

BOS continues to show value. Same as yesterday when the game was canceled. BOS 38 basis points edge with Eovaldi. This is an undervalued team by the books and we should capitalize now while their numbers are still low! ATL is showing a bigger favorite over MIA than the book says. Still large odds of -220 and one I am not tempted to take. The premise though should be to play any and all EV+ edges we can. I play the ones that fit into the bankroll strategy I have chosen which eliminates large odd favorites. LAD fits into this spot as well.

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