I played against ARI Bumgarner until he won. He has been terrible for awhile and he finally beat me the other day. WSH Corbin is the same. There is value in STL Wainwright as small dog tonight, but Corbin will eventually be good. This is a spot where that might happen. STL won the 1st game in the series as away, but remember, home teams win more than away teams in MLB so not a good spot for STL and Wainwright is margin anyway.

I stayed off Ryu today. My model suggests TOR is the right side. Ryu has not thrown a poor game yet and BOS is very familiar with him. Not saying today is his poor day, but it could be. I stayed off ATL for only one reason and it is a large reason. Acuna is not in the lineup. ATL with Morton should be favorites over NYY and Taillon with NYY on a losing streak! Acuna though is very important to that lineup. His replacement is nowhere near the level of performer he is. Last game I stayed off of was NYM. Walker like the others has yet to throw a bad game. Arrieta is not a pitcher to support either. The weather is not supposed to 40 degrees so this should be a low scoring game where anyone can win.

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