NOTES: The beginning of this week sees new matchups like all new weeks do. Some good series look to be TBR/LAA, TOR/OAK, CLE/KC, MIL/PHI, NYM/STL, ATL/WSH, and HOU/NYY!

Today my model has 2 underdogs as small favorites. They are MIL Houser and TOR Matz. My model also likes LAD bigger than the sportsbooks. It like MIN less than the sportsbooks so it favors TEX.

There are 2 games with pitchers yet to be decided. There are two games where pitchers are making first starts. They are KC Lynch and SDP Diaz. Lynch is a prospect and not an “opener”. He will go as far as he can. He is a top 100 prospect (63) and is KC’s 3rd ranked prospect. SDP Diaz is a reliever so this will be more of a bullpen / “opener” type situation.

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