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The majority of National media is just a group of writers that I personally have a hard time with. The exploitation of words and opinions is spinning logic and rational thought into sides and irrational thought. Anyway, it has been reported that MLB and the players union met via zoom on Thursday. The report’s first comments are that a deal was not reached! Well, no s%@t! It wasn’t expected to be a day where we had a deal made. In fact, this is the very 1st time these two sides met to discuss core economic issues since the lock-out began back on Dec 2nd. My two cents are that it was optimistic to have the sides evaluate a proposal that was made! Yes, MLB put forth a proposal. Now The union can say no, counter the proposal and we have movement. That is how this works.

The core union issues are 3 fold. They want young players to make more money quicker. The CBA of old favors the veteran players. The prospects are on rookie deals and have to wait for arbitration to grow their contracts. Hence, the union wants a quicker timetable for arbitration. The union wants a quicker timetable for free agency. Currently, it takes 6 years for players to obtain free agency rights. The union also wants a new revenue-sharing plan.

MLB has already provided concessions to the union. They have allowed a universal DH, an NBA style draft lottery format, an increase to the minimum player salary, an increase to the competitive balance tax, and the removal of the qualifying offer; which removes draft picks being part of the compensation for free agents. MLB has also offered a 14 team postseason format.

It is now just a matter of the sides continuing to talk. We need proposals and counter-proposals. If that stops, that is where we need to raise our fists. Let the process work out. Baseball will happen, we just don’t know when or how yet.

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