Webbie’s Odds for 04/08

Here is the first look at Webbie Odds for 04/08 with CIRCA lines!

Webbie Odds 04/08 @8:05pm

A couple of notes. The first note is the majority of the odds moved in the direction of the Webbie Odds line from 04/07. It doesn’t always happen that way but often. For example, MIL was -150 at CIRCA and closed MIL at -171 whereas Webbie’s Odds were -204. The line moved in the direction of where Webbie Odds thought it should have been. In this case, we should either have bet MIL at -150, or we should have passed. The same can be said for STL, ATL, and CLE. The NYM and the SD have moved away from Webbie Odds, and LAA hasn’t moved at all.

For Friday 04/08, Webbie Odds are higher on the favorites in all the games except MIA/SF, HOU/LAA. Several games are very close like BOS/NYY, CHW/DET, SEA/MIN, MIA/SF, and HOU/LAA.

A good trend to watch is whether the favorites move down or up. The reason is the timing of your wager. If you place a wager too early, you might have been able to get a better number by waiting and vice versa. A great example of this would be SD. If we bet them early, we would have paid -163 or -154 when waiting would have been only -136. Something to keep an eye on.

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