As we get the first weekend of MLB moved into the first full week and we transition teams playing one another, we see Webbie Odds differ on a couple of games. The odds are very consistent until we reach rotation numbers 953/954 NYM @ PHI. CIRCA odds are showing PHI -150 whereas Webbie Odds are at -105. That is a HUGE variance. Webbie Odds says coin flip and CIRCA odds say 60% win probability for PHI. I would expect that number to move down, but if can wager it now, there is a major value in NYM +135! This one is to NOT wait if can play it. The other game is rotation numbers 957/958 SD @ SF. CIRCA odds are SF -133 whereas Webbie Odds are SD -116. Webbie Odds ay the wrong team is favored! It is too early to read the market to know if SF will take in more money and move further away from Webbie Odds, but this is another one to wager now if you can. As I give out picks, so I have to be transparent in that I cannot release plays until the day of the game, but I assure you if these odds are still this far valued, they will be in the write-up. I will also tell you, I DID play these two already!

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2 thoughts on “WEBBIE ODDS MON 04/11

  1. Scott, in regards to your WEBBIE Odds for Monday 04/11. I appreciate the early heads up on the discrepancy between rotation 953/954 and 957/958. Always good to get a jump on things early when you can. Got my wagers down.

  2. Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it! I don’t like to play overnight lines often but in this case, I can’t pass up the value. We get 10.8% EV+ with NYM, and 11.76% EV+ with SD. Doesn’t mean they are automatic winners, but I like the value here. Good luck tp us on these!

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