WEBBIE ODDS 04/11 FOR 04/12 9:15 PM

Today starts new series and we get starters making their second starts. The first point is really no issue, the issue is more about travel and how teams faired off their last series heading into new series. I believe in what I have called the “Carry Over Theory”. Teams are likely to play their 1st game of a new series how they come off their last series. This holds true in most cases but home teams fair better. Here are the numbers.

Carry Over Theory Data

Ideally, we want to find teams that lost their home series and are playing away and teams that won home series and now are on the road. This gets more into handicapping so I will leave it here (NOTE: JOIN ESCI DISCORD TO GET THIS KIND OF EXCLUSIVE CONTENT, JUST DM ME OR LEAVE A COMMENT HERE). The second starts for starting pitchers are another handicapping point, so I will brief. Most pitchers establish their level of performance in their first 3 or 4 starts. History tells me that a pitcher will throw above, below, and average to his performance in these first few starts. It means that a pitcher who threw poorly is more likely to be at worst his average or better the next time out. The same holds true in the opposite way as pitchers who threw well are likely to throw average or worse. Good info to know!

There is one game of note in Webbie Odds that begs to look into but advise to stay off playing early. It is the KC/STL game. STL is showing -182 @CIRCA and Webbie Odds has -138. The variance is what we are looking for but KC is off a HOME series split with CLE where at times were totally overmatched offensively which is not a good spot when battling a good offense like STL. CLE and Beiber will be a game that handicapping will further allow better understanding and make for a possible selection.

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