It is interesting to see there are not many “off” lines compared to WEBBIE ODDS, but the one that occurred is off a lot. I am looking at KC @ STL. Greinke is not getting the appropriate love for the sportsbook. Draft Kings shows a line of -180 yet WEBBIE ODDS is only -126. The variance is 54 basis points which is an 8.5% edge towards KC. A money line at -180 is a 64.3% implied probability. I see there are lines as low as -159 up to -166 too meaning that Draft Kings is an outlier. I would expect their number to fall in line with the rest but it would still be too high.

I also found it interesting to see ATL Fried as an away favorite vs NYM on WEBBIE ODDS. There are no lines for this game (NYM playing a Sunday Night game) so it will be another one to look at when the number is out. I would expect the books to have NYM as favorites giving value then to ATL.

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