The 2023 MLB season is on the way!

2022 was a trying year for me, especially regarding sports! I was not able to keep up with my site nor contribute in a meaningful way to the sports wagering community or my own pocketbook for that matter! I had to deal with many issues including the death of my father, a terrible hurricane, and a change in daily life patterns. However, as is usually the case, nothing is insurmountable if some planning and thought go into creating an actionable plan! Hence where I am today!

The plan is to freshen up the website. Use the website in a different manner. Continue to write a daily blog that can be emailed daily if one registers for it. Use this link if that is something of interest to you (

Generating an income over the past few years from this endeavor has NOT gone well, in fact, all I have done over the past two years is actually costing me money! However, my time is valuable. My information is valuable. I refuse to continue in 2023 costing myself money. The goal has always been to help aid the gambling community. I am not trying to be rich just want to cover the costs associated with sharing information.

I will still provide a blog that is FREE and will have articles, data, and breakdowns. Some folks will be fine with this, and frankly, it doesn’t take much to accomplish and keep up. So back a few years ago, if you wanted game data and picks, it would cost you $1000 to work with me! My 2 unit plays were all the rage! I don’t want this path either! That is making money from other gamblers on plays I am playing anyway! I believe that is not an appropriate way either. This year I will be utilizing a very popular setup from previous years in a Telegram page. Telegram is a separate app that requires an invite to gain access. I am going to post specific popular items there. The goal is for those who want picks, game odds, line analysis, game breakdowns that I wagered on, and prop bets; you will have access to that but at a minimal cost. I generally provide 1 to 3 MLB sides or totals daily, and now with prop bets such as Kprops for pitchers. Over the course of a week, one would receive anywhere from 10 to 20 selections with analysis so over a month roughly 50-100 wagers! I am posting the popular Webbie Odds to Telegram this year as well. Telegram will allow late action picks based on market moves, player information, or just late news, so there will be another level not experienced by many. Access to this data, breakdowns, and 60-100 wagers will have a price attached. I think something like $49.99 per month ($2 per wager is about as cheap as possible!). It seems reasonable to me but let me know.

Anyway, I look forward to an amazing MLB season with folks from the past and as many new folks as possible. Stay tuned as the website will be renewed shortly!

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I am an experienced sports gambler who allows access to my strategies, analysis, and data. Some of what I do is FREE for all, yet others will pay a small amount to access everything. I utilize the website ( and a Telegram page to provide my thoughts, data, and picks.

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