Should I hire a Wagering Professional Service?

Let’s start with this, a professional sports bettor earns a living from winning wagers anywhere from 55% or above. For many new to this business, that statistic seems small. Most bettors think that professionals win every game to earn their living. That is far from the truth, yet have you tried to win 55% or more against the spread? Making a living also entails something most bettors cannot master: the art of bankroll management. This article is not about bankroll management, but we need to discuss it. The opinions of professionals are not exclusive to winning wagers, but how to manage the money while wagering is almost exclusively a professional realm. It is common to see a novice bettor go on a winning streak making severe advances. However, it is more common to see that same novice out of money only several weeks later. Why does this happen?
Most bettors need to learn more about whether they are making good wagers or their odds of winning their bets. I am not speaking of the sportsbook’s odds but of the bet odds if it is made. Let’s use the Super Bowl. Circa sportsbook opened the line at KC -2.5. All the money quickly came in a made the line PHI -2.5, finally settling around PHI -1.5. A professional will respect the opening number. Once they see the line move, they will act quickly to take advantage of the best number of KC+2.5. Once the number falls back to PHI -1 or KC +1, they will pass on that wager. Instead, they will find alternative solutions like KC on the money line for plus money. That is just the tip of this, however. If you bet on PHI -2.5, how bad of a wager was that? Do you know your odds of winning that bet? Because you know the odds are -110 (laying $110 to win $100), what if your odds of winning the -2.5 wager were only 45%? Would you still lay points knowing you would only win this wager 45% of the time and have 52% odds? This is what a professional can tell you!

            This industry is so convoluted with “professionals” that most novices do not know whom to follow. The mainstream media provides flat-out unusable content. Most people use social media to find their ideas and suggestions, yet virtually all those people are just trying to use sign-up money to make a living. This is a buyer-beware business, but it doesn’t have to be!

            Look, professionals are not on social media throwing their picks; it is not in their best interest. They are competing with you to get the best numbers. Sure, they might be selling services for which you gain access to their picks. But they don’t give out anything. Their time is valuable, and they charge you for it, and so does every other business. There are two types of legitimate betting services. Type one is to follow a professional, allowing access to wagers they make for a fee. Type two is where professionals, possibly more than one, provide insight, data, and wagering ideas for you to decide how to make your wager. Virtually everything else is nothing more than a scam. Remember, if anything is FREE, reconcile how much value to attach.  No professional consultant values their time so little less enough to give anyone anything for FREE.

            Why pay anyone at all? Most bettors need to be able to win more to make money. Most bettors make mistakes that professionals do not. Most bettors need to wager more on their unit size to afford a service. Most bettors make exotic wagers expecting huge returns. Most bettors have an illusion of what sports betting is. Also, using a non-legitimate service can be another pitfall. There are many pitfalls for these bettors.
First and foremost, you will not have to deal with the pitfalls that make this endeavor tedious and a losing proposition. It would be best if you gained revenue based on your winning bets. You should also learn from a professional and understand the business better. You will save the hours of preparation time required. Sports wagering is a grind that requires hours and sacrifices. You will be able to make money. You will be able to learn the business. If you can afford a professional service fee, it is in the best interest of your wagering career that you invest. In the long term, you will come out ahead. Avoiding mistakes and allowing someone else to find good wagers is imperative to success. The most significant difference between a novice and a professional is that a professional only makes good wagers. They don’t always win, but they will be successful over time by making only good wagers.

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