Opening day was Thursday, March 30th, and today is Wednesday, April 5th completing the 1st week of the MLB season. This is just the beginning of a 7-month daily grind of trying to make some money wagering on this sport. However, if those next months are as prosperous as the 1st week, this will be a great season!

Here is a list of every wager I made for the week. I will not be doing this for public view every week. I made 15 wagers, winning 11. I used $100 as a unit size, so tracking and math are easy. It ended with a 26.9% ROI.

A tool used to generate these results is Webbie Odds. People who sign up with me get this daily. It can be used to identify your wagers or learn how to wager as I do it. Webbie Odds currently are not showing strike-out props (too little 2023 data), but over the next week or so, Webbie Odds will have both game recommendations and strike-out props! Here is what Webbie Odds looks like.

The season really gets going for me as the data starts to compile. Unfortunately, there is not enough data to complete a starting pitching analysis. That will change in the next week or so! I need roughly three starts for the pitchers to get helpful information, and after one month, we are rolling. A sample of the SP Analysis is below. Notice there are three other tabs! Tons of info!

I offer all of this data, plus provide access to the wagers I make! I only collect $49.99 per month or $200 for the season. It is a tremendous deal! Sign up with me! Even if you don’t, I hope to help or assist you in any way I can because MLB is a passion, and it is a great sport to wager on!

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