College Bowl Game line moves.

Advertisements Since there are so many new sports gamblers, addressing line moves is a good topic. A line move is defined by the odds or the spread of a game changing before the start of the game. Information such as injuries, opt-outs, transfer portals, and coaching changes will make the odds and spreads change. TheContinue reading “College Bowl Game line moves.”

It’s been ahwile!

Advertisements First of all, apologies to all who want to learn and get information from this site regarding their sports gambling endeavors. My intentions were always to provide quality content. Throughout a LONG baseball season, changes to my health affected me. I am not sure my health issues are in the clear and hope toContinue reading “It’s been ahwile!”


Advertisements Opening day was Thursday, March 30th, and today is Wednesday, April 5th completing the 1st week of the MLB season. This is just the beginning of a 7-month daily grind of trying to make some money wagering on this sport. However, if those next months are as prosperous as the 1st week, this willContinue reading “MY MLB 1ST WEEK RESULTS”

MLB Opening Day is now here! Some wagering tips for the day!

Advertisements A new season begins on Thursday, just a few days from now! The World Baseball Classic has revved the engine for this season with great hype and expectation. We will see players on new teams, highly touted rookies, and new rules. However, for us bettors, we must not become fans to the point weContinue reading “MLB Opening Day is now here! Some wagering tips for the day!”

WBC Semi-Finals, down to four, then we move into MLB!

Advertisements As earlier suggested, this WBC event would be an event to rival any other out this year. It would be that way because of this classic’s superstar, talented players. The list is very long, so here are just a few, Mike Trout, Shoei Ohtani, Sandy Alcantara, Juan Soto, Mookie Betts, and more. The crowdsContinue reading “WBC Semi-Finals, down to four, then we move into MLB!”

The Truth and Fallocy of sports handicapping services!

Advertisements   Here is the reality of this industry. A sports bettor loses more often thanthey win. This endeavor is almost impossible to beat. It is exciting andexhilarating, which is why so many are involved, yet only 3%-5% of sportsbettors are profitable overall! I Googled the question, “What is theaverage sports bettor win percentage?” IContinue reading “The Truth and Fallocy of sports handicapping services!”

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