Opinion: Not all bad

The prevailing thoughts have been that MLB is not in a good spot when the best players are being traded away. The more pressing part is that the return for the player has been seemingly has less value than what the trading team “should” have received. Many believe these trades are happening as a resultContinue reading “Opinion: Not all bad”

Let’s be GM of the Angles today

The Angels play in the AL West division which the OAK A’s won in 2020. In fact, the Angels finished 4th in the division last year even behind the SEA Mariners. Their record was 26-34 and were 10 games back. However, their play was much better than this record and the true gap is NOTContinue reading “Let’s be GM of the Angles today”

What can MLB standings tell us?

The prior year MLB standings carry prognostication power when looking into a team’s future performance. Their overall won/loss record tells a story, however, that story can be misleading or even tell an untruth or two. Our goal must be to level set the “true” value of a team. We build from a data opinion whichContinue reading “What can MLB standings tell us?”

2021 is a season to enjoy

The 2020 season had many problems. The Covid-19 pandemic, no fans in the stands, outbreaks amongst teams, rule changes, only 60 games and more. There was a mini season with a World Series champion so all was not lost. In fact, the best team won mitigating some of the issues from the season. 2021 intendsContinue reading “2021 is a season to enjoy”

Interesting; Good hitter but hole in swing?

MLB is a sport where rhythm, timing, muscle memory, and routine are common successful traits when players are properly executing. Pitching is all about changing the timing, rhythm, expected location, and speed to disrupt a proper swing. Hitting is all about identifying what pitch is on the way, where it is going to be, andContinue reading “Interesting; Good hitter but hole in swing?”

2021 Season Forecasting

The previews cannot officially begin without an understanding of what last year was. When we investigate forecasting 2021, we do rely on many conditions; some of which are, 2020 and its relevant data, the previous most recent seasons and those trends, age, team changes, off season development, and more. In the past, the previous seasonContinue reading “2021 Season Forecasting”

2021 and Regression of 2020

2020 was only a 2 month season so we must realize there were some oddities of great performances. These performances above a player’s standard season indicate a regression is ripe. The comparison of a complete 162 game season with 6 months is much more truthful than the 2 month snippet of a season we hadContinue reading “2021 and Regression of 2020”

The Betting and Preview

The purpose of this guide and preview is assist your baseball knowledge for the 2021 season. It is laid out and formatted for those who wager on baseball but will also apply to those that are just fans of the game. I hope that by the time you have read through the articles, strategies, teamContinue reading “The Betting and Preview”

How good are the 2021 Mariners?

When looking into the 2021 crystal ball, I came across the Seattle Mariners offense. Some projections often surprise me. From a far, one might think this is a young rebuilding team with some exciting talent on the rise. I believe this is the worst offense in baseball. The projections indicate a below average performer atContinue reading “How good are the 2021 Mariners?”