A Sample Preview – Baltimore Orioles

Baltimore Orioles             The last time the Baltimore Orioles were an above .500 team was in 2016.  They went 89-73 then and made the Wild Card in the playoffs. Again, last season, BAL was predicted to win a few games and finish last in the AL East. Keep in mind; that this is a team withContinue reading “A Sample Preview – Baltimore Orioles”

This is the kind of Spring Training info to be looking for

When it comes to Spring Training, it is important to focus on who is injured, who has changed things, who is limited, and so forth. It is NOT important to focus on games, innings, or results. Sure, that is not a carte blanch statement, but the gist is results are not the most important elementContinue reading “This is the kind of Spring Training info to be looking for”

AFC Championship Game

CIN playing KC has become a rivalry. CIN is 3-0 but has had to come from behind in every one of those games to win. We have superstar QBs, injuries, and flip-flop lines. I have a clear picture of all this offense, all these playmakers. I don’t think this goes as scripted. These two teamsContinue reading “AFC Championship Game”

NFC Championship Game

These teams are images of each other in many ways, but some differences swayed me to take action. They are both known for having stellar defenses and the best defenses in the NFL. The quandary is that PHI has been the better team over the season, yet SF has been the better team since acquiringContinue reading “NFC Championship Game”

MLB 2023 Betting Guide and Preview Question?

I am currently writing the MLB betting guide. I have several articles for this season. However, it would be fun to see if there were any topics you wanted to read about or have included in this year’s edition. Please reply and let me know if a topic comes to mind. Thanks as always!

Elite Pitching

I have mentioned that MLB is in an era of elite pitching. The offense is down, and strikeouts are up, causing rule changes (banning the shift) and, on the field, adjustments (such as lower the height fences or moving them in) to aid the batters and run scoring. The casual fan needs to be awareContinue reading “Elite Pitching”

WBC is coming this Spring!

I will be involved in the World Baseball Classic. I had fun with this the last two times it was played. In the inaugural 2009 classic, Japan won the championship. They were followed by the Dominican Republic in 2013 and the USA in 2017. The last WBC was canceled due to the pandemic. As theContinue reading “WBC is coming this Spring!”

The 2023 MLB season is on the way!

2022 was a trying year for me, especially regarding sports! I was not able to keep up with my site nor contribute in a meaningful way to the sports wagering community or my own pocketbook for that matter! I had to deal with many issues including the death of my father, a terrible hurricane, andContinue reading “The 2023 MLB season is on the way!”

Who are the best pitchers limiting base runners and are they worth betting on?

Let’s determine what makes a great starting pitcher. It is two things. First they must be dominant in the “3 True Outcomes” and second the must limit base runners. If these two thingas are true, then a pitcher will have high strike oput rates, low walk rates, and low HR rates (the 3 true outcomes)Continue reading “Who are the best pitchers limiting base runners and are they worth betting on?”


What is base runs? Base runs (BsR) is a baseball statistic invented by sabermetrician David Smyth to estimate the number of runs a team “should have” scored given their component offensive statistics, as well as the number of runs a hitter or pitcher creates or allows. We need to understand value as it relates toContinue reading “BASE RUNS”