The 2023 MLB season is on the way!

2022 was a trying year for me, especially regarding sports! I was not able to keep up with my site nor contribute in a meaningful way to the sports wagering community or my own pocketbook for that matter! I had to deal with many issues including the death of my father, a terrible hurricane, andContinue reading “The 2023 MLB season is on the way!”

Who are the best pitchers limiting base runners and are they worth betting on?

Let’s determine what makes a great starting pitcher. It is two things. First they must be dominant in the “3 True Outcomes” and second the must limit base runners. If these two thingas are true, then a pitcher will have high strike oput rates, low walk rates, and low HR rates (the 3 true outcomes)Continue reading “Who are the best pitchers limiting base runners and are they worth betting on?”


What is base runs? Base runs (BsR) is a baseball statistic invented by sabermetrician David Smyth to estimate the number of runs a team “should have” scored given their component offensive statistics, as well as the number of runs a hitter or pitcher creates or allows. We need to understand value as it relates toContinue reading “BASE RUNS”


It is interesting to see there are not many “off” lines compared to WEBBIE ODDS, but the one that occurred is off a lot. I am looking at KC @ STL. Greinke is not getting the appropriate love for the sportsbook. Draft Kings shows a line of -180 yet WEBBIE ODDS is only -126. TheContinue reading “WEBBIE ODDS 05/02”


NOTE: TB SP is Jeffrey Springs who is a relief pitcher. I have listed COL Senzatela but have seen Gomber. I believe Senzatela is pitching from what I have been able to research so this could change. MIA Rogers, MIN Ober, TB Springs, CHW Kopech, and LAA Detmers are getting love from Draft Kings comparedContinue reading “WEBBIE ODDS 04/28 THURS”


RECAP: I went 1-1 yesterday and again could’ve been 2-0. These early games are now 4 losers that could have been 4 winners! But there is no crying in baseball as they say and we move on! The Season is 24-25 -3.22 units as the units were net 0 yesterday. However, I did hit theContinue reading “WEBBIE SELECTIONS FOR MON 04/25”


We are in Philadelphia tonight where we see MIL a potential division winner face off against PHI with their offense! MIL will throw Eric Lauer and PHI Aaron Nola. On the surface we are getting a lot of PHI looks for this game. PHI has the 5th ranked offense and is #1 vs LHP suchContinue reading “HOW TO PLAY SUNDAY NIGHT BASEBALL 04/24”


RECAP: I have not been blessed with good “Baseball God Outcomes” as of yet, and went 1-2 yesterday losing 1.15 units. SEASON now 23-24 -3.22 units. On to today. I have two selections and will separately post the Sunday Night game. The first selection is in WSH. I am wagering on rotation #901 SF WEBBContinue reading “WEBBIE SUN SELECTIONS 04/24”

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