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Who are the best pitchers limiting base runners and are they worth betting on?

Let’s determine what makes a great starting pitcher. It is two things. First they must be dominant in the “3 True Outcomes” and second the must limit base runners. If these two thingas are true, then a pitcher will have high strike oput rates, low walk rates, and low HR rates (the 3 true outcomes)Continue reading “Who are the best pitchers limiting base runners and are they worth betting on?”


What is base runs? Base runs (BsR) is a baseball statistic invented by sabermetrician David Smyth to estimate the number of runs a team “should have” scored given their component offensive statistics, as well as the number of runs a hitter or pitcher creates or allows. We need to understand value as it relates toContinue reading “BASE RUNS”


It is interesting to see there are not many “off” lines compared to WEBBIE ODDS, but the one that occurred is off a lot. I am looking at KC @ STL. Greinke is not getting the appropriate love for the sportsbook. Draft Kings shows a line of -180 yet WEBBIE ODDS is only -126. TheContinue reading “WEBBIE ODDS 05/02”

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