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College Bowl Game line moves.

Since there are so many new sports gamblers, addressing line moves is a good topic. A line move is defined by the odds or the spread of a game changing before the start of the game. Information such as injuries, opt-outs, transfer portals, and coaching changes will make the odds and spreads change. The fallacy…


Today’s SF @ PHI NFL game is an excellent example of learning line value and when to make wagers. As the photo illustrates above, almost 15% of all NFL games end with a margin of 3 points. It is the upmost key number for NFL football games. There is a massive difference between 3 and…

It’s been ahwile!

First of all, apologies to all who want to learn and get information from this site regarding their sports gambling endeavors. My intentions were always to provide quality content. Throughout a LONG baseball season, changes to my health affected me. I am not sure my health issues are in the clear and hope to have…