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NOTES: This new week of teams looks to have created fewer margins for most of the 1st games. The largest variances are 30 basis points LAD, 27 basis points DET, and 20 basis points ARI. These are 1 favorite (LAD), not enough odds, and 2 favorites getting too many odds. Keep an eye of theContinue reading “WEBBIE ODDS 04/16 & NOTES”


NOTES: As I have been discussing in here, BOS Red Sox are a team to be betting on! Even on a 9 game win streak they are getting little understanding from the books about how good they are. My model has them with 33 basis points edge again! There are two things here, A don’tContinue reading “WEBBIE ODDS 04/15 & NOTES”

My WAgers for today 04/14

What a struggle for me to start the season. It is a long haul though and now pitchers will be getting their 3rd starts. After that going into their 4th starts and the rest of the season, the data become much more reliable and more can be used. I need a good run to getContinue reading “My WAgers for today 04/14”

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