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Almost 20 games into 2023

As the season has just begun, I thought it was an excellent time to note what I have seen. First, the rule changes have worked for what they were intended to do. The game is moving at a more enjoyable pace, yet not too fast. There is much less standing around and way more pitching,…


Opening day was Thursday, March 30th, and today is Wednesday, April 5th completing the 1st week of the MLB season. This is just the beginning of a 7-month daily grind of trying to make some money wagering on this sport. However, if those next months are as prosperous as the 1st week, this will be…


Everyone likes power rankings, so MLB-Daily will join in on the fun. I don’t think the top of the list is too difficult for either the AL or NL, with Atlanta and Houston being the cream of the crop. I chose ATL as the best team, with HOU in the 2nd spot. There is no…

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